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Damien’s tips for a memorable holiday at La Rosière!

Site Director at La Rosière and “Roserain” by adoption for 15 years, he gives us his top tips for the best summer holidays in the resort!

Can you introduce yourself?

“My name is Damien, and I’m the site manager for Les Balcons de la Rosière**** residence and the Hôtel Alparena**** & Spa. I’ve been living in the resort for 15 years now.

What are La Rosière’s 3 strongest points?

“I would say its south-facing exposition, the nature and village spirit of the resort, and the main asset in summer would be the proximity to Italy and the Col du Petit Saint Bernard.”

What activities are available in summer?

“Mountain biking, trail running, hiking and all the nature activities that can be found in the mountains. There’s also canyoning and rafting. All these activities are available at the resort.

What walks are there around the residence?

“I would recommend the Myrtilles path, it’s a small, accessible path for families that gives you a balcony exposure and lets you discover the valley.”

An unmissable hike?

“In my opinion, there are two hikes to do: the “Lac du Retour” and the Mont Lancebranlette, which is on the Col du Petit Saint Bernard. Mont Lancebranlette at sunrise over Mont-Blanc is just magnificent!”

What’s your favourite restaurant?

“There are two nice establishments in La Rosière: La Via Ferrata and Restaurant Alpagio.”

What’s the best way to visit Italy?

“The Cascades du Ruitor, simply accessible for families, after seeing the 3 waterfalls, there is a small Italian restaurant to try Le Pepita Café, it’s just perfect!”

Is there an event you don’t want to miss?

“I would say the Vent d’Est festival and music week with Bands-Camp.”

Why choose Les Balcons de La Rosière****?

“Simply for the size of the flats and the south-facing exposition. But also for the access to the Hotel Alparena’s spa.”

Thank you Damien for sharing your top tips for a successful holiday in La Rosière!

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