The Balcons Group : A family story

Group origins

First generation, birth of the Balcons group.

Philippe Thirode and his family were going skiing each year in Val Thorens. A great pleasure to ride the slopes of this station, share good simple moments in the mountains. Reunite, be together, enjoy.

In 1993, an opportunity shows with the construction of the accommodation Val Chavière. In the 90s, the idea of building big flats (in average for 8 people) was bold and avant gardist.

The rhythm is settled : Philippe Thirode will participate in the expanse of the station of Val Thorens by building its residence the closest to the slopes, ski-in-ski-out. He will decline the concept “the mountain 360” by mixing landscapes, restaurants and services (sport shop, grocery shops, spas).

The foundation stone in Val Thorens mark the birth of the Les Balcons group.

From generation to generation the adventure continues
From 2006, it’s with his family that Philippe runs the society and especially with its two sons : Julien and Clément.
Two personalities, two different background and some complementary skills.
They inject a new dynamic made to structure, professionalise and develop the group, especially in matter of building and marketing.
The internal teams grows bigger year after year and work assiduously to the developing of the new accommodation projects in Savoy.
Its together that the adventure continues…

Styles an values of the group

The Les Balcons group rely on two expertises : The building, the operating of the accommodations and its related services.

Les Balcons Building Hub

  • engineering office (design and plans)
  • General contractor
  • Purchasing division

Les Balcons operating Hub

  • Management of the accommodations and hotels
  • Management of the shops, spas and integrated restaurant (by partnership)
  • Recruitment & training the staff
  • Organizing seminars

Some “support” Hub are supporting those two hubs. They contribute to the good operating and expanse of the Les Balcons group : Marketing, IT service, accounting, administrative – recruitment & legal services.
The group values

With more than 300 colleagues, the Les Balcons group revolve around strong values and creations that reflect excellency, unique know-how, innovation and creativity.

Each new building project is designed, developed and managed from A to Z, always with respect for the Savoyard region. Concerned about the impact of its activities on the environment, the group has implemented an eco-responsible approach throughout its development.

Every service is think in a customized to reach its clients requirements and in respect of the Savoy territory.
A real team work where each colleague gives its skills and expertise to the edifice.