What is the deadline to book a stay?

You can book your stay until the day before your departure, according to our availabilities.

How long do you need to deal with my reservation?

Your reservation is handled as soon as your payment is registered.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

You will receive an e-mail saying that your booking is definitively confirmed or a mail in case you don’t have an e-mail.

Can I cancel my stay?

You can cancel your stay at any time according to our general cancellation conditions.

Can I modify my reservation?

You can at any time modify your stay according to our general renting rules.

Can I get reimburse if my modifications reduce the overall price of my stay?

You will be reimbursed of the difference but you may have some cancelling fees according to our general renting rules.

How can I modify my stay?

You have to call one of our operators: +33 (0) or contact them by e-mail at

When and how will I get my travel documents ?

You will receive by e-mail all the documents you need for your stay as your payment goes along. You will then have to print them and bring them with you at your arrival.

Which references do I have to mention when I call you?

Our operators will ask you the file number which is mentioned on the confirmation e-mail that you have received. For example: file number Hl17-… or ET16-…

What if I lose my file number?

Please call one of our operators: +33 (0) or contact them by e-mail at and tell your contact information, dates of stay and name of the residence.

What if I don’t have any printer at home?

Call one of our operators to ask her to send you per mail all the documents you need: +33 (0) or contact them by e-mail at






How can I pay?

4 options: with a credit card on line, with a credit card on the phone, via check (bank, postal, holiday checks) or by transfer.

When is my account debited?

25% of the amount will be debited at the booking; the rest will be debited 30days before your departure. When you book your stay less than 30 days before your departure, the total amount of your stay will be debited at once.

Can we pay with several different credit cards?

If you book your stay on line you won’t be able to use several cards. If you wish to pay with different cards, you have to call one of our operators (+33 (0) in order for her to take the appropriate amount on each card. There is no maximum of cards.

Why is it better to pay with a credit card?

When you book your stay with a credit card, you are sure to secure your apartment. By check, we will handle your booking only when we get the check and thus you take the risk that there is no more place when we receive it. The transfers are fully secured.



The accommodation



Where do I have to go?

At the reception desk of your residence

From which day to which day is my apartment booked?

Your apartment is set for you from Saturday to the following Saturday except for the short stays.

When can I get my keys?

The arrival time is set starting from 5pm.

When should I give my apartment back?

The departure time is set before 10am.

What if I forget or lose my travel document?

Our operators will find a solution for you. They are at your disposal : +33 (0)

Do I have to give a deposit?” 

When you get the keys you have to give a deposit to the receptionist per apartment in cash, check or card.

How do I get my deposit back?

You will get your deposit back after the inventory and statement of state of repair or it will be sent back to your home if anything has been noticed and the apartment is clean.

What is an occupancy tax and what is its amount?

It is a tax for the city which is obligatory. Its amount can vary depending on the resorts from 0.80 à 1.31 € per day per person.

To whom do I have to pay?

You have to pay it the day of your arrival at the reception area when you get the keys.

How do I mention a preference on the accommodation?

(For example: a south-oriented vue, a terrace, on the ground floor….)
We can’t promise you this preferences will be available but you can ask for them on the phone to one of our operator: +33 (0) or via e-mail: reservation@les-balcons.comp>

Is there a TV in the apartment?

Yes, this is included..

Are there any baby beds in the apartments?

The baby bed has to be booked at the same time as your apartment.
Call one of our operator at the+33(0) or per e-mail

Can we bring our pets?

You have the right to bring one or several pets, but you have to tell us when you book your apartment. An extra fee will be asked to you.