The Les Balcons Group : A family story

Origin of the group

First generation, birth of the Les Balcons group

Philippe Thirode used to go skiing every year in Val Thorens with his family. Sharing simple moments in the mountains, getting together, being together, enjoying were the watchwords of these holidays. Not forgetting the undeniable pleasure of skiing the slopes of this resort.

In 1993, an opportunity arose with the construction of the Le Val Chavière residence. In the 90s, the idea of building large flats (for an average of 8 people) was bold and avant-garde. The tone was set: Philippe Thirode was to take part in the expansion of the Val Thorens resort by building residences as close as possible to the slopes, with skis on. He developed the “360° mountain” concept, combining panoramic views, restaurants and services (sports shops, mini-markets, spas).

The first stones laid in Val Thorens mark the birth of the Les Balcons group.

From generation to generation, the adventure continues.

Since 2006, Philippe has been running the company as a family, accompanied by his two sons Julien and Clément. 2 personalities, 2 backgrounds and complementary skills for a new era in the history of Les Balcons. They are driving forward a new dynamic designed to structure, professionalise and develop the group in terms of construction and marketing. The in-house teams are growing and working hard to develop new accommodation projects in Savoie. The future continues together….

Group model and values

The Les Balcons group has two areas of expertise: construction and the operation of accommodation and associated services.

Les Balcons centres


– Design office (design and plans) – Project management – Project management


– Management of tourist residences and hotels – Management of integrated shops, spas and restaurants (in partnership) – Staff recruitment and training – Organisation of seminars

These two divisions are supported by “support” departments. They contribute to the smooth running and growth of the Les Balcons group: sales, marketing, IT, accounts, administration – recruitment & legal.

Group values

With over 300 employees, the Les Balcons group is built around strong values and creations synonymous with excellence, unique expertise, innovation and creativity. Each new building project is designed, developed and managed from A to Z, always with respect for the Savoyard region. Concerned about the impact of its activities on the environment, the group has implemented an eco-responsible approach throughout its development. Each service is tailored to the needs of the customer. It’s a real team effort, with every member of staff contributing their skills and expertise.